In 1969, Jimmy Carter was planning his campaign for governor, in parallel with his agriculture business. One evening, at 7:15 pm, as he was getting ready for a speech at the Lions Club, he saw a strange object in the sky. He described it, later, as being as bright as the moon, hovering in the sky, then changing color to blue, then to red, then to white before disappearing.

After his election as governor of Georgia, he filed a report of the sighting at the International UFO Bureau in Oklahoma City, in September 1973. But the investigations were not conclusive. Some researchers suggested that it was nothing but planet Venus. Others claimed that it may have been a weather balloon. However, Carter was convinced of its anomalous aspect and believed it to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Few years later, during his presidential campaign, then his presidency, Jimmy Carter tried to push for more transparency on the UFO matters. Immediately after his election in 1977, he tried to spur the C.I.A, and other governmental agencies, to make all the UFO documents public. However, he was faced with a strong resistence. As reported by the Science Channel in the video below, George HW Bush, then director of the CIA, had refused to give him any information on the subject.

President Carter lost his UFO enthusiasm later. But not his successor, Ronald Reagan, who had taken the matter to an even higher level of consideration. In several occasions, including a speech at the United Nations, he mentioned the nagging probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Although still surrounded with ridicule and irony, the UFO/Aliens subject is gaining in credibility. Many researchers, physicists, historians, psychiatrists, and even astronauts have been pushing for a full governmental disclosure for years.