An anomalous mummified body has been unearthed near the Nazca lines in Peru. The mummy has very particular characteristics that cannot be attributed to any of the known human species. It has three very long fingers and an elongated head. A team of journalists from Gaia community is investigating the case along with a team of scientists from the University of Saint-Petersburg in Russia and the National School of Forensic Medicine in Mexico.

The humanoid has the same aspect as some of the figures drawn by the ancient residents of the Nazca region. The team has applied several examinations with X-Rays and DNA testing. The body does indeed belong to a humanoid who lived between 245 and 410 AD. Several cautious speculations are being examined. But it all sounds as one of the major archaeological discoveries of our time.


  1. That photograph is not a fossil.
    I will believe this when it appears in a peer reviewed journal, not before.

    • Dear Mac. The humanoid has been examined by several scientists. It does not comply with the scientific definition of a mummy. But it has been subject to some sort of mummification. The case is extremely anomalous. We, as well as many other publications, are still rather skeptic. However, if confirmed, it would certainly be the most important archaeological discovery of our time.

      • Admin, I there are no names mentioned regarding who and what institute did the supposed DNA tests. This piece is intentionally vague and gives no references regarding who is involved in this.
        The person who produced these objects is a writer and professional ufologist who has made very large unproven claims in the past.
        I will believe this when and only when the study appears in a peer reviewed journal. IF this is real, that will happen, but I do not expect to see real scientists with names being allowed to examine this.
        So far you only have claims.
        BTW, I will be thrilled if this did turn out to be real. So far, I have zero reason to believe any of this. I believe it is a hoax but I hope I am wrong.

  2. Why isn’t there a date on this story and additionally a more detailed article regarding this issue?

    • Dear Jay, thank you for your comment. We will update the article soon to add further details. The case sounds very credible, but we’re finding a difficulty to cross check it over multiple sources.

  3. and so the acclimation of the masses haz begun . . . in earnest . a transition from myth to fact , with many more to follow , count on it , peace , t. davis