France is building a meteor-spotting network

FRIPON meteor-spotting camera in France

Credit: Eric Brosselin

France has launched a meteor-spotting network of 100 cameras all over the country. The project’s official name is Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network (FRIPON). It aims to determine the source of the meteorites and collect fresh and rare types for scientific research purpose.

The network covers the whole French territory with Fish Eye cameras and radio receivers of GRAVES radar signal.
The project is run by a core team of 14 members, in charge of the research and the network’s organization and development. In addition, 35 referents and 75 local referents provide field and regional support for the maintenance and management of the cameras. The project’s website is: following video shows a meteorite exhibition organized in 2010 in the commune of Ensisheim.


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