Lee Harvey Oswald’s Radio Interviews of August 1963 on the WDSU Radio

Oswald alleged shooter of JFK
Lee Harvey Oswald, the Alleged Shooter of JFK

In the summer of 1963, three months before the assassination of JFK, Lee Harvey Oswald was featured twice on local New Orleans radio programs.

The recording below includes both of Oswald’s appearances on New Orleans radio station WDSU. The first program took place on August 17, 1963. The second on August 21, 1963. He discussed the United States’ strained relations with Cuba and his involvement as the “secretary” of the New Orleans chapter of the “Fair Play For Cuba Committee“.
Oswald sounds surprisingly eloquent and knowledgeable for a 23 year-old. He insists that communism is against his values and that Cuba was pushed to the Soviet block by the bad American policies.

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  1. Oswald is very intelligent and speaks very well on his subject. I didn’t expect this.

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  3. At the 49 minute mark you can hear him not want to go into his background. He doesn’t want to answer the question. And he slips up by starting to say he was “under the protection” of the American government. Then he says that he did not surrender his citizenship.

    And, of course, he was given money by the U.S. State Department when he left the Soviet Union and returned to the United States. No debriefing or questioning about his “defection”.

    Oswald was, in fact, a false defector and a U.S. intelligence asset and F.B.I. informant. Then the patsy on 11-22-1963.

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