Rest to Time Travel

time travel

Imagine that as you are sitting on your lawn chair, a rocket will be passing by at about 86 % the speed of light. Let us take it a step further and consider that you have a laser based clock consisting of a rod with parallel mirrors and, whenever fired, it would take the laser one second to travel to the top mirror, reflect off of it, and travel back to the bottom mirror.

Why Do Door Knobs Feel Cold?

door knob

By touching a door knob or a metal object, heat is transferred from one’s hand into the metal object. However, it is not the heat transfer that makes metals feel cold, otherwise wood would feel just as cold.

The Physics of Carbon Dating


Radioactive carbon used in radiocarbon dating is carbon that is radioactive. Since it is active, it is unstable, and therefore tends toward stability. This is common in nature; for example, if you hold an object at a certain height, it has the potential to fall, the potential energy that is.


The shepherd is walking while his sheeps are standing still.
What about now?
Still, his herd is standing still.
The shepherd starts playing around the field and eating grass,
while its shepherd rests and contemplate.


A Tribe with a one unit less than a prime number of people worshiped evenness.
They feared oddness.
One was born. Their fear manifested.
Little did they know that primes are indivisible, that one is unity.