63% Of Workers Who File an EEOC Discrimination Complaint Lose Their Jobs

We found that at least 63% of workers who filed a complaint eventually lost their job. And about 40% of workers reporting experiencing employer retaliation, such as verbal abuse or being passed over for work opportunities like training or promotion, for filing a claim. At 46%, employer retaliation was most common for sex discrimination cases.

Sticky Baseballs: Explaining the Physics of the Latest Scandal in MLB

Cheating in baseball is as old as the game itself, and pitchers’ modifying the ball’s surface is part of that long history. Adding to the lore of cheating is a new scandal involving pitchers who may be applying sticky substances to the baseball – what players refer to as “sticky stuff” – to baseballs.

If a Satellite Falls on Your House, Space Law Protects You

According to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty and 1972 Liability Convention – both adopted by the United Nations – this would be a government-to-government issue. The treaties declare that states are internationally responsible and liable for any damage caused by a spacecraft

The First Mobile Phone Call Was 75 Years Ago

The first mobile phone service, for 80-pound telephones installed in cars, was demonstrated on June 17, 1946, 75 years ago. The service was only available in major cities and highway corridors and was aimed at companies rather than individuals.

Turkey Discovers a $1.2 Billion Gold Mine

The discovery has an estimated market value of $1.2 Billion. It has been announced on Thursday June 10, 2021 by Mustafa Varank, the Industry and Technology Minister. Koza Altin was seized in 2015 along with the other companies of the Koza-Ipek group by the Turkish authorities.

German Chancellor Candidate Vows to Increase Military Spending

Armin Laschet, the conservative German candidate running for chancellor, said that Germany must increase its military spending. In 2021, it has increased again by 3.2% to US$63.8 Billion; but it’s still below NATO’s target of 2% of GDP. To meet that target, Germany’s military spending has to increase to at least US$66 Billion.