Terms of Service

These terms of service apply to the users of Ponderwall Magazine services, content and features in all their distribution forms, including but not limited to web (ponderwall.com), mobile and applications. If you continue using Ponderwall Magazine, you agree to abide to all the conditions stated in these terms.

We may change these terms of service at any moment, without prior notification. The modifications shall apply immediately. If you continue using our services, you agree to any changes.

You may use our services only if you agree to not use them for any unlawful purpose and to fully comply with the applicable laws and with the rules stipulated in these terms. Furthermore, you agree to use our services for non-commercial personal purpose only. Any commercial use is prohibited unless an explicit authorization is
granted to you.

All our services, including text, pictures, audiovisual, graphics, computer code and all forms of content are subject to copyright. They are owned by Ponderwall Magazine or other credited providers or licensors under all international copyright laws.
You shall not publish on our services and platforms any illegal or offensive materials, including but not limited to defamatory, obscene, pornographic or spamming content.

You agree to use a respectful language that does not include hatred, discrimination, violence or abuse of any kind. Otherwise, you may be subject to an immediate suspension of access to the services.

You agree to provide us with a royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, sublicensable and exclusive license to use, copy, transmit, publish, distribute, modify,
publicly perform, publicly display, create derivatives, host, cache, tag, encode, index, adapt and exploit the content you submit to the services of PonderWall Magazine. The license applies both in the case of solicited (articles, etc) and/or unsolicited content (articles, review, comment, etc). The license applies also to any form or media currently existing or that may be developed in the future.

You are the sole responsible for the content you submit to the services. Ponderwall Magazine cannot review all submissions and is not responsible for their content.
However, we may delete or edit any submission that does not comply with the present terms of service.

By using the services, you agree to not undertake actions that could be harmful to Ponderwall Magazine or to a third party. You also agree to be exposed to advertisement and to not disable its display.

Furthermore, you agree to not post or make use of a content in a way that infringes our or third party’s rights and copyrights. The services may contain links to other web sites and content. We are not responsible for any form of concern that may be raised in relation to those external sources.

You represent, warrant and agree that your account will not be used to submit materials or content of any sort that are unlawful and/or that violate or infringe the rights of any third party including but not limited to copyright, trademark, privacy and personal rights.

You represent and warrant that you are at least thirteen year-old.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ponderwall Magazine and its officers, directors, managers, owners, agents, providers, affiliates, licensors and shareholders from and against any loss, expense, damage and/or cost, including attorneys’ fees, that result from any sort of violation of the present terms of service or of the applicable laws and regulations in connection with any breach by yourself or the users of your account. In such event, you agree to fully cooperate.

The services are provided by Ponderwall Magazine As Is. They may be interrupted or contain errors. We do not warrant against that, neither against delays, omissions or inaccuracy. We disclaim to the maximum extent stipulated by the law. In case you rely on our services and/or the content and/or materials offered by the services, you agree to not hold us accountable for any incurred risk.

Ponderwall Magazine does not represent or endorse the reliability of any suggestion, opinion or any other kind of information accessible through the services. We offer no warranties or representations of any kind, express or implied.

These terms of service shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Tunisia. If you use our services, you waive any right to raise claims under the laws of other countries or territories.

To be allowed to register for some of our services, you shall create credentials. To do so, you will provide an email address, a user name and a password in addition to other information. You agree to keep all the provided inputs accurate and up to date. You agree also to not share your login credentials with anybody else. You are the sole responsible for keeping your password confidential and you must not use the credentials of another person without his explicit authorization. Otherwise, if you breach any of these conditions, we may suspend or cancel your access rights.

You and any person authorized by you are responsible for any usage on your account. You should be careful to not use our services for fraudulent or illegal purpose. Otherwise, we may terminate your account at our only discretion and adopt legal procedures against you.

We may, at any time, charge fees for the access to parts or the whole services. Yet, we will only charge you after we obtain your prior agreement. You shall pay all fees and charges related to your account at the amounts that are effective during the applicable billing period. You shall pay all applicable taxes in relation to your use of the services. You shall also admit that third parties’ fees that may be required to receive the service are not included in the cost of the services.

Ponderwall Magazine contains links to external sources and websites. We do not endorse, recommend or take responsibility for the content or the practices of any external source.

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